What we do ?

GirlsEyesSmallWEBCoordinate International Medical Teams to areas of need,
using a broad network of non-profit and medical organizations.
We are dedicated to partnering with established medical
charitiesto match health professionals with medical
service opportunities.The web portal connects medical students,
nurses, physcians,and mid-level medical providers
to the developing world so that skills of volunteers are appropirately matched with needs.

HandwashingSmallResearch Public Health Problems with the goal of using creative
solutions to health issues of delivery of care. Reseach is central to the
advancement of global health. Through focused grants, The Foundation
sponsors projects which strive to make novel and sustainable improvements in health.
Partnering with top academic medical centers, we seek to explore non-traditional
domains of health in underserved areas, such as the advancement of surgical care
and hopsital administration as public health issues.

Garbage%20City%20Rural%20HomeSmallWEBSupport Humanitarian Work by providing resources to exiting medical
organizations and new organizations. We engage in broad health advocacy as
stated in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Health and Human Rights.
The Foundation seeks to unite all international efforts which seek to live out
the core values of this declaration. We maintain that life is precious and
that every human being is should have basic health needs met.

Make a Contribution for Public Health

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